I Love My Latest Piece for Seattle 2.0 & You Should Read It

Posted by – July 29, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I got to interview Monica Harrington, a woman whose work in tech I respect immensely. I learned so, so, so much from just an hour-long chat with her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about marketing in the tech space, but I also loved hearing about her career evolution, how she went from being a journalism student in Oregon to kicking ass at Microsoft to ruling the tech startup world.

Part 1 of the piece I wrote ran today. Part II runs next week, and it includes more insight into Monica’s life as well as more insight into marketing.

Per usual, I think it’s a good read for anyone, regardless of your industry or profession. You can read it here and, if you like it, give it a little Facebook “like” love.

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