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First off: Here’s a pic from the Fremont Fair parade on Saturday. We got there a little late, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent view from the crowds on the street, and Mieka and I spotted a roof party. I was like “We need to be at that roof party.” Mieka was like “But how?” and I was like “Follow me.” And then I pulled out all the tricks I’d learned living in LA and I marched into the building and up the stairs, through two separate apartments and past the sign that said “VIP ONLY” until we were one of like 10 people allowed up on the roof. No one even questioned us. Mieka was like “Holy shit how did you do that?” and I was like “PRACTICE.” Nice to know I’ve still got skillz.

Also: Jason is doing well today. I am still living out of his living room, with Leo at my side, but he’s stopped drinking and he’s spent the day in bed vomiting and miserable, but sober. I am videotaping much of it. I am going to make a little video collage for him. It will not be on YouTube. But I think I will set it up to play on his laptop every two days or so, so that any time he thinks about drinking this little video of him puking and shaking will pop up on his screen. He is surprisingly cool about me filming all this. He hasn’t complained once. I think he wants to prevent a relapse even more than I do. I think he’s willing to try even my crazy videotaping-your-withdrawal approach.

From the bottom of my heart, though, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and comments and emails and Facebook messages and EVERYTHING. They made me feel so much less alone in all of this.

Also, and I can’t talk about this much because the legal proceedings are ONGOING, but today God did something really, really awesome for me. Like, unbelievably awesome. Like, so perfectly timed and elegant and unpredictable that it could not, statistically, have been anything other than an Act of God. (Maybe I’ll tell you guys the details when all the legalities are resolved so that you can check my math on that.) I never really lose faith in God, but oftentimes I forget it. I get so lost in my own dramas that I forget I’m just a simple little player in God’s world. That the plan is His. This past week has been like that. I have moved into my own head and out of God’s world. And then, all of a sudden, God does something where it’s like “BAM! I EXIST! BOO-YAH.” Today was like that. God threw me a softball and I hit it out of the ballpark.

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    I have a vague inclination as to what this might be about... I'm sure I'll find out if I'm right all in good time.

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