The $13,000 Puppy

Posted by – December 14, 2009


I had an absolutely AMAZING time at the charity ball I went to on Saturday night. To give you guys some background, it’s the annual Christmas charity ball for the Foundation for Burns and Trauma, a fantastic charity that raises money to help burn survivors and their families. The work they do — particularly with young, underprivileged children who have been severely burned — is courageous and life-changing. It’s a cause I’m proud to donate to each year (and you can too!).

My friend Kevin — one of my closest friends since high school — is very involved with the charity, as is his family and their company, Forever Living Products. Forever Living — chaired by the generous and charming Rex Maughan, who, despite being arguably the most powerful man in the state, always takes time to chat with me and ask me about my life — has donated over a million dollars to the Foundation in the past ten years. Kevin chaired this event last year, and he’s been on the organizing committee for years, including this year. It’s the second year I’ve had the honor of going as his date. I got to get all dolled up (yay!) and wear my hair extensions (double yay!) and watch as they auctioned off beautifully decorated donated trees for ridiculous sums of money (all for the Foundation). The trees usually come with add-on gifts — vacations, jewelry, etc — to raise their value, but this year they auctioned off the final tree along with a nine-week-old yellow lab. I WANTED THAT FUCKING PUPPY. I told Kevin specifically to buy it for me. He had specific instructions and he had agreed to buy me the puppy. Then when it came time to auction off the puppy tree, Kevin mysteriously got up from the table to “conduct business.” He assured me that it was “important business,” but I’m not sure how anything could be more important than me getting that puppy. It went to someone else. :( But it went to someone else for $13,000. So, ya know, I guess I’m okay with not having a $13,000 puppy. I think Leo would auction for something in the range of thirteen million. No, more like thirty million. Or thirty hundred million. So I’m okay not having the cheap yellow lab. I have my Leo. Kevin still got a talking-to, although most of my admonishments took place off-camera. I did capture his escape and the rest of the puppy auction to share with you guys. I also have like 1000 pictures of all the beautiful trees in the gallery below.

I want to say thank you to Kevin and his family for including me in this event, and for welcoming me into their family and their lives year after year since I was a teenager. I had the time of my life hanging out with them, just like I always do. I continue to be awed and humbled by the enormous amount of time, financial resources and energy they put toward helping their community. They set an inspiring example with their actions.

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