Posted by – August 1, 2009

Seafair is a big deal in Seattle. It’s the huge summer celebration. I didn’t really know that many people when it happened last year, so I didn’t have anyone to go with, but I remember telling myself that I would go the next year. “Next year I’ll have lots of friends,” I said to my mom. “Next year I’ll be there.” And, thank goodness, this year I do have lots of friends, and two of them even agreed to go with me. I didn’t know what to expect at all, but it was amazing.

First off, we had to park far away, because traffic is a mess. But the little neighborhood street we parked in was lined with blackberry bushes. So we got out of the car and immediately started eating fresh, delicious blackberries. I hadn’t had fresh blackberries since I went berry-picking with my dad in Sequim last August, and they are so amazing. They taste nothing like the blackberries you buy in a supermarket. I was delighted right off the bat.

We got into the festival, which was packed, and we immediately made our way toward the water, because I wanted to watch the Blue Angels. They were unbelievable. Soooo freakin’ cool. I actually got in the lake so I could get the best view possible. See?


I didn’t take any pics of them because I was so enthralled just watching them, but here’s a video of them if you want to see. One of my girlfriends was like, “Damn, those guys must get laid all the time.” Indeed.

When the Blue Angels were done, they started getting ready for the hydroplane races. An older guy sitting up on the shore told us we’d have to get out of the water before the races began. I asked him if he’d seen a race before, and he was like, “Yeah, I’ve been going to these every year for 30 years.” Obviously I then started grilling him about hydroplanes, which I found out were basically like NASCAR on the water. He explained everything to me during the first heat, and after it was over he was like “I have an extra pit pass. Put on your shoes and I’ll take you back.” I immediately ditched my girlfriends (ha!) and went off with him. I got to watch the huge cranes putting the planes in the water, and see them all up close and watch the pit crews preparing them. And the guy offered to take a pic of me with a hydroplane:




And this is my little buddy who hooked me up with the pit pass:


Super cool, right? I told you: NASCAR on the water. We had to head out soon after that because my friends had to get home, but I totally want to go back tomorrow. They have races and air shows all day, and I could happily just spend the whole day watching that shit. I want to race hydroplanes now. I’m obsessed with these things. They’re like motorboats on speed.

Later in the evening, I went to check out a band in Fremont with my friend Candice, who is always such a joy to spend time with. She told me she’d posted some pics on Facebook of me with Baby Audrey. I hadn’t seen them because I wasn’t tagged, but I just went and checked ‘em out and they’re SOOOO cute.



Then we went to another bar and I randomly knew the bartender. Candice was all like, “How do you know so many people in Seattle already?” And early in the day my friend Katherine said the same thing. She was like, “I always see on your Facebook that you’re out with all these random people — how do you even know so many different groups of people already?” It was really cool to hear them say that, and just another reminder that I have been blessed with so many friends — true friends, not just party buddies — in this city in such a short time. I really don’t know how it happened. I’m just a really lucky girl with really awesome friends with really, really adorable babies.

OK. I’m exhausted and rambling. But today was a really great day. One of the best in recent memory. I’m happy. Off to bed now.

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